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Why Choose your Safari With Bugoma Forest Tours?

Feel relaxed and be rest assure of the best memorable moments of your next Uganda and Rwanda Safari given the honor to serve you.

Customized Safari Itineraries
At Bugoma Forest Tours, we are always ready to custom design your safari, dream of anything to do with Safari or adventure in Uganda and Rwanda, in a customized safari vehicles, with the best experienced and we will take you there. If you have an extension to an existing trip in mind, would like to join a group or take on a private arrangement, or if your schedule requires specific dates that we presently do not offer, we will make it happen unlike others.

Memorable Moments

We make sure to provide memorable moments to all our clients making sure, we leave them with a story and moments to tell on their way back home. By making sure each moment counts and is valuable enough.

Solid Many Years of Safari experience
Our years of experience and knowledge as the leading safari tours operator in Rwanda and Uganda assures you an experience you can always cherish & remember in a life time. Safety, efficiency, passion and reliability have earned us the reputation for being one of the best-valued and most reliable outfit operators in Uganda and Rwanda.

At a very strong point we’re confident you’ll go home from your Uganda or Rwanda safari with a totally different “Memorable Moments”.

Outstanding & Professional Client touch
From the word go to finish, Bugoma Forest Tours is there to help you prepare for an incredible experience. We go down and deep to ensure every aspect of your trip is an enjoyable one. At every level of your safari, we go an extra mile to hear and pick feedback from you on several safari aspects ranging from your food, attractions, people, services from safari lodge staff and your guide to ensure quality service all through

Our Passionate Staff
Drivers and guides are highly skilled professionals with a zeal for nature. All our guides have good total experience in safari and tourism field that can enrich your safari adventure in Uganda and Rwanda. All guides and staff take an extra step to make your trip more pleasant. They will advice you promptly and accurately to ensure your travel needs and fully met without any hassle and long waiting, our turn round time is so fast with a comprehensive touch of all your travel solutions with free travel advisory services.

Our total Commitment to offering “Memorable moments”

This is what we stand for at Bugoma Forest Tours. We treat all of our clients as we would like to be treated, instantly solve their complaint or problems. We believe we have an outstanding company with an excellent reputation, offering much and more of what there is to see and do in Uganda and Rwanda. We are second to none when it comes to Safari business.

Emergency Evacuation Medical Insurance cover

This comes free of charge to all visitors that travel with us. Any time any where such emergency events that require urgent medical attention may arise and we are right there to provide medical cover and save a life by providing an emergency evacuation to a medical facility where your travel insurance can take care of you.