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Visit Nyamata Church

The Nyamata church is found in Nyamata town in southeastern Rwanda, About 30km south of Kigali, is a deeply disturbing genocide memorial where some 50,000 people died. This provides one of the most raw genocide experiences. It is overwhelming to see the clothes, machetes, and other personal items just lying in the open, no display cases, just there. This is one of the most impactful sights to visit while in Rwanda and definitely worth your day tour.

At Nyamata church today the skulls and bones of the many victims are on display. While the visual remains of the deceased are a visceral sight, their inclusion here is to provide firm evidence to would-be genocide deniers. The experience is always moving, raw, and memorable and If you need to understand what happened in Kigali during the genocide, well it is the right place to visit