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National Museum Kigali

This displays the strong culture as a pillar Rwandan identity. The outstanding museum was given to the city as a gift from Belgium in 1989 to commemorate 25 years of independence.

The National Museum of Rwanda is one of the best ethnological and archaeological collections in the entire East African region with over 7 exhibition chambers that contains important and interesting items.

The first section holds the museum shop. The next section holds the geological displays including a large relief map that depicts the topography of Rwanda. The middle section shows many other items used in farming, hunting, pottery and carpentry work. TheĀ kagondohut forms the centre piece of an exhibit on housing and living compounds in pre-colonial times.

The last section features the ancient pounded bark clothing and goat-skin capes.

An excursion to the National Museum of Rwanda in Kigali city is worthwhile for foreign visitors that seek to explore the culture and the people of Rwanda and relate to the pre colonial time with the present settings.