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How to Book Gorilla Permit

You need a Gorilla permit to track Gorillas in any of the Gorilla parks. Gorilla permits so often sell-out so you need reserve your permit in advance to go Gorilla trekking at least 4 months in advance. It is smart to remit payment for your Gorilla permit as soon as possible because it gives us ample time to process your permit and make excellent travel arrangements for you.

To see the Gorillas is guaranteed once you acquire a Gorilla permit. Unlike earlier days when it was so tiring to find Gorillas, today it is easy to see and have a wonderful wildlife experience with the Gorillas because Gorilla families  have become accustomed to humans and also an advance team is sent to identify the location of the Gorillas prior to your trek making it fairly easy to see the Gorillas.

In Uganda the Gorilla permits are officially sold by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and a gorilla permit in Uganda costs USD600 per day per person for foreign non residents. You can get the permits in Kampala at the Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters. We process your Gorilla permit at no extra cost and have not experienced any trouble regarding booking of Gorilla permits in Uganda. Rest assured to get a genuine Gorilla permit with our team.

A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500 while the cost in Congo is $400. Gorilla permits in Uganda lower to $450 in the off season period for months of April, May and November. For more information