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Cultural Tours

6 Days Uganda Amazing Culture

In this six day cultural safari, visit the community museum with ancient and modern history of western Uganda, Boat ride on the scenic lake Bunyonyi and a community walk, track the gorillas, walk through the Batwa trail where you will fire bow and arrow, check hives for wild honey and light fire without matches. The safari requires one to be in good physical state as it involves a lot of walking and for long hours. Come share this unique cultural experience in the original setting of the African societies .Read More

8 Days Rwanda Cultural Tour & Gorillas

On this 8 days Rwanda cultural and gorilla safari expect to experience the authentic Rwandan culture and heritage coupled with the amazing gorilla trekking experience. The drive to the countryside of Rwanda will grant you beautiful views of the Rwandan landscape hence the reference – Rwanda, a land of a thousand hills. You will visit Akagera national park and thereafter a pastoral cultural home to engage in activities surrounding the cow. Read More